Sober Life

Introducing Sober Life


While going to college can definitely prepare you for the professional world, it doesn’t necessarily prepare you for life. When recovering from an addiction, one of the most important things is to make sure that there is a plan of action that promotes focus. This is why we would like to announce our new addition, Sober Life – Learning to Live Sober, to our facility.

This program is geared to help teach participants from the ages of 17 – 26, life skills such as cooking, writing checks, opening bank accounts, creating resumes and more. In our nurturing environment, the goal is to help set all participants on a road to continued sobriety. By arming them with these tools, we can help ensure they have the confidence needed to successfully live independently. Empowerment, self discovery and living a happy life is what we are all about. With our Sober Life program, we are doing our part to help our young adults achieve greatness!